New Album: Unhurried Journey

This May, I released my second all-ages album called Unhurried Journey, dedicated to taking our time, listening deeply, and creating space to appreciate every moment of our individual and collective journeys. The album is inspired by the artwork of Kristiana Pärn, and celebrates how songs and stories can take us on a journey around the world. 

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New Video - Sisi Sima!

I recently revisited one of my favorite songs from Rabbit Days and Dumplings, a Tibetan jump rope song called Sisi Sima, during these first two weeks of physical distancing. 

Ms. Sonam Lhamo (ex tipa) and three young students from her Tibetan Sunday School recorded this song with joy and energy, and hung out with me one afternoon in one of my favorite parks in NYC, Flushing Meadows park in Queens. The footage has been sitting idle for so many years, I decided to take this opportunity to create this simple video! With my limited video-making skills, I was inspired by a Sesame Street short from 1970, in which a group of kids run around a zoo and play. Thanks to Techung, and all of these great musicians for teaching me this song! Now let’s jump rope!

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Diu Diu Deng - new music video!

Artist Maiko Kikuchi has created a magical and imaginative world in this video for the Taiwanese train song Diu Diu Deng, inspired by the countryside of Taiwan. I learned this song from my friend Ya Yun Teng, who can be heard singing on it and seen with her daughter in the video. I immediately loved the simple and catchy tune, and the playful sound of the Taiwanese words. Diu Diu Deng is about a train chugging through a tunnel as droplets of water fall from the tunnel ceiling onto the roof of the train. The drops make the sound “Diu Diu,” like a flipping coin landing on the floor. The song features the incredible Wu Man on the pipa (a plucked Chinese string instrument) and Dan Zanes picking away on the banjo.


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Dan Zanes' House Party Songbook!


In December, Dan Zanes released his House Party songbook treasury, which features 64 songs from the past fifteen years of Dan Zanes and Friends music-making. The book is notated with help from Claudia Eliaza and beautifully illustrated by Donald Saaf. House Party includes lyrics, chord charts, history, essays, and everything else for parents, kids, educators, folk enthusiasts and more to enjoy the songs and sing along. Including two songs from Rabbit Days and Dumplings: Anta Gata Doko Sa and Diu Diu Deng! 

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