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About Rabbit Days & Dumplings

Rabbit Days and Dumplings is an album featuring reimagined folk and children's songs from East Asia, including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Tibet.  


Released in fall 2012 by Festival Five Records, the album has received great feedback, including a Parent's Choice Award & a feature on NPR's All Things Considered.

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artwork by Kristiana Parn

Some kind words about Rabbit Days and Dumplings: 


Hands down, it is the best all-ages album I've ever come across. - New York Family Magazine


Elena Moon Park has found a way to incorporate Asian elements with American elements in a grandly metaphoric sort of way that says something powerful and positive about the potential of cross-cultural exchange, and on that note, about the immigrant experience. But also? It's just fun to listen to, and that's enough in and of itself. – About.com


Rabbit Days and Dumplings is a timeless classic and one that fully supports Park's strong belief that music has the ability to transcend borders, ages, languages, and backgrounds. – Kids Can Groove


Rabbit Days and Dumplings is not only a great introduction to the music of East Asia, it is great music, period. Interesting instrumentation, unusual but compelling rhythms and playful lyrics make this album shine, from start to finish. – Apartment Therapy


Elena Moon Park has put together a joyful and eclectic collection of traditional folk and children's songs, reinterpreted and reinvented in a way that preserves their beauty, but also makes them incredibly appealing to a wide family audience… this CD proves that great music touches us all, no matter what our background or mother tongue. – Cool Mom Picks


Wow! Elena Moon Park embraces both her family tree and musical roots in her latest CD 'Rabbit Days And Dumplings'. Well done! - Robert Drake, Producer Kids Corner, WXPN-FM, Philadelphia

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